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The Preble Family

Tammy and Matt, both U.S. Army veterans, moved to Honesdale with their young daughter in 2015. They worked to build a new farm from the ground up at their home on Carley Brook Rd.

Tammy is the sole proprietor of the farm, while Matt works off the farm as an electrician. She manages the livestock and vegetable growing, as well as all harvesting, marketing, and sales.

Emma, now age 8, is getting into the farming business, as well. With her mom by her side, she grows and sells flowers in the summer. In the fall and winter, she sells bird seed ornaments, floral crafts, and baked goods.

At Wolfe Springs Farm, we believe in using organic methods to grow our vegetables in a natural way. We believe in humane and ethical treatment of all livestock on our farm.

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