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This Season's Produce 

Page updated every Wednesday with availability for the weekend. Many of you know the disappointment of finding out something is sold out when you get to market. To help ensure you get everything on your wish list, please take a moment to look through our products and send me an email to pre-order.

NOT EVERYTHING WILL BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY MARKET WITHOUT PRE-ORDERS. Due to other vendor sales, not all items are available at every market (like eggs), unless you order them.

You can pick up at either market, or schedule on-farm pickup. Pre-orders need to be received by end of the day on Thursdays. Updated 2/21. Email here

Current market schedule:

Hawley: Fridays 1-4

Honesdale: Saturdays 11-1

Callicoon: Sundays 11-2

From the Farm:

2024 CSA Application

Large: $30/week

Small: $15/week

Misfits: $10/week

Flower shares still available!!

Eggs: $5/doz

From the Kitchen:
Everything is made small batch, from scratch, and with home-grown and local ingredients in a commercial kitchen in Honesdale with no fillers, artificial flavors or colors, or GMOs.


Homemade Frozen Soup $18/qt

Beef and Cabbage: (low carb) Cabbage roll in a bowl! Local ground beef with homegrown shredded cabbage, tomatoes, onions, carrots, and celery


Homemade Frozen Soup $18/qt

Chicken Corn Chowder: Thick and hearty chowder loaded with local sweet corn and potatoes


Homemade Frozen Soup $18/qt

Sweet Potato Lentil Kale: (vegan) Lentils and local sweet potatoes in an African-inspired stew with homegrown kale. Spiced with turmeric, chili powder, cumin, and naturally sweetened with coconut milk, this hearty stew is packed with flavor.


Homemade Frozen Soup $18/qt

Broccoli Cheddar Ale: (vegetarian) Homegrown broccoli, carrots, onion, and celery pureed in homemade vegetable broth with cheddar cheese and Oktoberfest ale

Refrigerator Pickles: $10

Onion - sandwiches and tacos

Apples - grilled cheese, or paired with pork or chicken

Vietnamese carrots - tacos, Korean BBQ, Banh Mi

Balsamic candied onions - roast beef, cheese, sandwiches

Golden beets - salads, charcuterie board, goat cheese

Dill pickled celeriac slices - sandwiches, charcuterie boards

Daikon Radishes - sandwiches and tacos

Cabbage - slaw, tacos, salads

Honeyed Ginger Carrots - stand-alone pickle, charcuterie board

Dill Celeriac and Carrot - slaw, sandwiches

For the animals:


Emma's bird feeders


Tree: $3.50

Donut: $5

Dog Treats: $2 ea

Dehydrated rabbit hide strip

Chicken feet (4)

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