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This Season's Produce 

Page updated every Wednesday with availability for the weekend. Many of you know the disappointment of finding out something is sold out when you get to market. To help ensure you get everything on your wish list, please take a moment to look through our products and send me an email to pre-order.

NOT EVERYTHING WILL BE AVAILABLE AT EVERY MARKET WITHOUT PRE-ORDERS. Due to other vendor sales, not all items are available at every market (like eggs), unless you order them.

You can pick up at either market, or schedule on-farm pickup. Pre-orders need to be received by end of the day on Thursdays. Updated 6/20.  Email here

Current market schedule:

Hawley: Fridays 2-5

Honesdale: Saturdays 9:30-12:30

From the Farm:

Eggs: $5/doz

Emma's spring bouquets:

none this week


Spring vegetables:

Strawberries - $5/pint

Garlic scapes - $3/bunch

Radishes - $3/bunch

Red leaf loose lettuce - $5/6oz

Arugula - $3/4oz

Bok choy or mini bok choy- $4

Peas - $3/pint

Kohlrabi - $3 ea

Kale (curly or lacinato) - $3/bunch

Microgreens mix - $4

From the Kitchen:
Everything is made small batch, from scratch, and with home-grown and local ingredients in a commercial kitchen in Honesdale with no fillers, artificial flavors or colors, or GMOs.

Refrigerator Pickles: $10

Balsamic candied onions - roast beef, cheese, sandwiches, burgers

Dill Pickled Kohlrabi - thinly sliced for sandwich and burger toppers

Pickled Garlic Scapes - mince and use as a topping on burgers, tacos, salads, or fish

Radishes - sandwiches, burgers, fish, eggs, salads


Strawberry Rhubarb fruit spread - $10: no pectin. Organic cane sugar

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