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I am the worst blogger ever!

That's me. Wife. Mother. Farmer. Veteran. Problem-solver. Head of crisis management. Community activist. Not a blogger - lol!

As I stare out on another snowy, cold, cloudy day in January, I spend my time communicating with my customers, teaching my daughter her homeschool lessons for the day, planning our next growing season, and generally recharging myself for spring. Winter is a time of hibernation for us. Lots of hikes in the woods, reading books, watching movies, and getting absorbed in family time because when the seasons change, I hit the ground running and won't stop again until Thanksgiving.

But, every year we grow. We grow more food. We grow our customer family. And in doing so, I need to grow and expand my methods of communicating and sharing our story with customers. So, here's another attempt at blogging for me.

Why is communication so important? Because I want our customers to feel connected. I want to be transparent in our operations so our customers feel like they are right here on the farm without actually being here. I feel like it is an extra service we provide that goes hand in hand with supporting the local food system.

Being a CSA member is about more than just the food. You watch us on FB, Instagram, and here. You're an integral part of the business and you're supporting our families. Many of you have taken a tour of one or both farms, either virtually or in person. In doing so, you're part of a community; a family. When you support us, you support the rest of the community.

We buy local. We give local. We love local.

So please take the time to sign up for our CSA, make a purchase from the farm store, follow us on social media, or just share with your friends. Become part of our family, if you're not already. I can't wait to serve you!

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