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It's national CSA week!

This is the week most new CSA customers tend to sign up and start to get excited for a season of the freshest vegetables you can ever get!

But, what IS a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Every farm does theirs a little differently. Here are Wolfe Springs and Fertile Valley Farms, ours is set up as a weekly subscription for a farmer's choice bag of vegetables (and meats) every week. You can sign up for 1 session (4 weeks) or all sessions (totaling 16 weeks).

What are the benefits to a CSA program?

- Farmer's choice assortment: as the farmer, I know what produce is at it's peak each week. You'll only get the freshest, highest quality items in your weekly bag.

- Convenient pick up locations: pick up at the farm, Hawley, Waymart, or schedule a drop off to your neighborhood

- Guaranteed produce (or meats) every week: No need to rush to the farmer's market to try and buy items before they're sold out

- Have a great 1 on 1 relationship with your farmer. Have a question? Need advice on cooking something? CSA members are welcome to text or call me, or even meet me at the farm.

- Member benefits: free tote bag for anyone who signs up this week; free dozen eggs for a customer referral; membership in our private Facebook group to share photos, contests, and recipes; first to know about new products and restocked items for additional purchase.

Is a CSA right for me?

- Do you love to cook with high-quality ingredients?

- Do you enjoy trying new things?

- Are you looking for a convenient way to support the local economy?

- Do you appreciate a farmer relationship and having a level of trust in the way your food is produced?

- Are you looking to support a business that is implementing environmentally-friendly practices and is concerned about animal welfare?

Sign up this week to get your free tote bag! We can't wait to welcome you into the farm family!

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