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Wolfe Springs Farm
Honesdale, PA

Support Local


Every hour, 40 acres of farmland in America are lost to development. Not only does supporting your local farm help preserve a way of life that attracts you to Honesdale, but your dollars stay in our community!

Shopping with Wolfe Springs Farm is a great way to do this! Pasture-raised poultry, synthetic chemical-free vegetable and flowers, eggs, rabbit, and even homemade soups and refrigerator pickles can help fill your pantry.

Weekly CSA subscriptions can be a convenient and hassle-free way of getting your farm-fresh foods throughout the season. You can also find us at the Hawley Farmer's Market on Fridays and Honesdale Farmer's Market on Saturdays to shop for what's on your weekly list. From our fields to your fork, the shortest travel distance means the freshest food.

Season's Produce

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