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COVID-19: What does it mean for the farm business

It's a snowy mid-April morning that brings me to write the blog today. I'm feeling glad that I don't have too many plants in the ground right now....

We've been dealing with social distancing, quarantines, and business closures for several weeks now, and there's not real end in sight. Sure, some businesses may get the green light to gradually open in limited capacity over the next few weeks, but we're going to be dealing with the affects from this disease for months, or even a year to come.

One thing we've had to do is come up with new procedures so we're able to continue to provide you with food.

1) a daily cleaning schedule in the farm store

2) encouraging pre-orders/pickups

3) providing local delivery service

Moving forward, many of you may be wondering what will happen with the CSA's. I am 100% committed to growing food for you. We may have to address different pickup options if there are any pickup locations not open for business come June. I'll be in contact with everyone individually in late May/early June.

For now, we're trying our best to keep up with a whole new level of demand for our products (this is a good thing!). We're ramping up beef and pork production, and I just got a new shipment of chicks and ducklings.

We'll be spending the next few weeks and into June, preparing beds, sowing seeds, planting starts, and weeding to prepare for our first CSA shares to go out mid June. We're hoping to have a limited selection of produce available as early as mid May.

For now, hang in there, stay healthy, and know where your food comes from. Consider, even as businesses start to reopen, to continue shopping with us. In uncertain times, it's good to be close to your food source, and have a limited number of hands on your food from field to table.

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